Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episode - OUAC Celebrating 5 Years in True Crime

Once Upon a Crime celebrates 5 years in true crime by summarizing the show by the numbers, sharing 5 Surprising True Crime Facts, and letting listeners in on a giveaway to win OUAC merchandise and prizes. Text OUAC to 408-676-1770 to opt-in to...

Bonus Episodes Guest-hosts

Bonus Episode - CrimeConVersations with Mens Rea

This bonus episode is brought to you by Once Upon a Crime in partnership with CrimeCon UK. I have a CrimeConVersation with Sinead from Mens Rea Podcast about true crime, being a true crime podcaster, women and true crime and more. You can listen...

Bonus Episodes Q&A Episode

Bonus Episode - Listener Q&A

To celebrate reaching 200 episodes we created a bonus episode to answer listener questions. Thanks everyone for submitting them! Links: To listen to our "haunted" episode go to Episode #108 - Haunted Homicides:...

Bonus Episodes

October Announcements and Upcoming Events

News, updates and announcements for our listeners! Links: Nominate Once Upon a Crime for the Discover Pods Awards at .   To sign up for a Patreon membership go to   To register for Alta Asks Live Digital Event go to .  You can read my...

Bonus Episodes Interviews

Bonus Episode: "Ripped from the Headlines" with author Harold Schechter

As a bonus for this month's theme "Stranger Than Fiction" I interview author Harold Schechter about his new book, Ripped from the Headlines: The Shocking True Stories Behind the Movies' Most Memorable Crimes, an anthology of forty true...

Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episode: Happy New Year from Once Upon a Crime

On this bonus episode I share the highs and lows for 2019, list the top episodes of last year, talk about upcoming events and share the last word on the 2019 plagiarism scandal.   Links: Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime -   Facebook Fan Group - ...

Bonus Episodes Interviews

Once Upon a Crime LIVE at CrimeCon 2019

In this bonus episode, I interview Jan Broberg and Skye Borgman about their documentary film "Abducted in Plain Sight" LIVE at CrimeCon 2019 in New Orleans. #AbductedinPlainSight #truecrimedocumentary #CrimeCon2019

Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episode - CrimeCon 2019 and Travel Tales

On this bonus episode I take you along with me to CrimeCon 2019 in New Orleans and my travels to New York City and Toronto for the Toronto True Crime Film Festival.   #CrimeCon #NewOrleans #TorontoTrueCrimeFilmFestival #truecrimedocumentaries...

Abductions/Kidnapping Bonus Episodes Case Updates Missing Persons

Bonus Episode: Where Are They Now? - The Cleveland Kidnappings

"Lost and Found" was the very first series of Once Upon a Crime in June, 2016.  In that series I covered the story of three young women who were held captive and abused by Ariel Castro for over a decade.  In this bonus episode we give you an...