Feb. 1, 2022

Episode 229: Mansion Murders: The Sachs Family Murders

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One family appears to have it all - success, wealth, a happy family life, and a beautiful ocean-view home on the California coast. But, trouble behind the scenes tears the family apart and the story of the Sachs family will end in a shocking murder. 



Shadow of Death, CBS/48 Hours, October 15, 2016. 



“Capistrano killings: In marriage, divorce, death, couple never parted,” by Salvador Hernandez, Lily Leung, and Meghann Cuniff for The Orange County Register, Feb 17, 2014. 

Capistrano killings: In marriage, divorce, death, couple never parted


“Familly remembers entrepreneur Brad Sachs, allegedly slain by son” by Greg Fisher for CBS News, Oct 13, 2015


“Why Aston Sachs Says He Shot His Family” by Matthew Heiler for Orange Coast Magazine, Nov 20, 2014. 



“Where is Aston Sachs Now?” by Kriti Mehrotra for The Cinemaholic.com, Nov 10, 2020. 



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