Nov. 15, 2022

Episode 263: Holidays in Hell: Missing Mom Kelsey Berreth

Episode 263: Holidays in Hell: Missing Mom Kelsey Berreth

A young mother goes missing after a Thankgiving Day shopping trip in 2018. After meticulous detective work on the part of several law enforcement agencies answers come to light. The perpetrator would be someone no one would suspect - least of all Kelsey Berreth the victim. This case has us pondering the question do we really know the dark thoughts of the people closest to us? 




Application and Affidavit for Arrest Warrant.pdf (


Patrick Frazee's Mom Did Not Make 'Witch Is Dead' Facebook Post | Crime News (


Kelsey Berreth remains possibly found as tooth fragment found at killer fiance Patrick Frazee farm | Daily Mail Online


Human tooth found near burned area on Patrick Frazee's ranch |


Patrick Frazee moved to Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility ( 




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