Dec. 27, 2022

Episode 268: “I Am Vanessa Guillen" with Special Guest Margot from Military Murder Podcast

Episode 268: “I Am Vanessa Guillen
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In this last of our special holiday episodes, Esther and Lorena discuss the Netflix documentary “I Am Vanessa Guillen" with Margot, host of the podcast Military Murder.  


Vanessa Guillen was a United States Army soldier who went missing from a Texas military base in 2020. Her family would face an uphill battle trying to get answers when Vanessa’s superiors closed ranks and did little to investigate her disappearance. But the efforts of her family through protests and social media posts that went viral sparked a movement that shone a spotlight on abuses that had, up to that point, gone unchecked. 


Margot’s podcast, Military Murder, is a true crime podcast that covers cases where the victims or the perpetrators are members of the military.. Margot has served in the military and her knowledge and experience provided additional insights and information regarding this case and the documentary. She covered Vanessa Guillen’s case on her podcast. 


You can listen to Military Murder on all your favorite podcast apps or at




Link to the Netflix documentary:


Link to an article about the Vanessa Guillen case:


Esther’s appearance on True Crime Binge w/Bob Ruff:


Esther’s appearance on Crawlspace Podcast w/Tim and Lance:


And the YouTube video:





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