Jan. 31, 2023

Episode 271: The Girl Who Cried Orphan - Barbora Skrlova, Part 2

Episode 271: The Girl Who Cried Orphan - Barbora Skrlova, Part 2

We continue the story of Barbora Skrlova from where we left of last week. In part two, you’ll learn all the details of the bizarre unfolding of events in the Mauerova home. I’ll conclude by telling you the unbelievable tale of how Barbora Skrlova almost escaped all responsibility for her part in this horrendous abuse case. 



Book: “The Kurim Case: A Terrifying True Story of Child Abuse, Cults & ” by Ryan Green, 2016. 


The Kurim Case: https://youtu.be/DN3nelsuDx0











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