Once Upon A Crime
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Recent Episodes

Bad Sports: Sally “Killer” McNeil

By Esther Ludlow

Ray and Sally McNeil were a married couple who were both accomplished athletes in the sport of professional bodybuilding.  But, a combination of infidelity, abuse and anabolic steroid use would lead to a final, bloody confrontation on Valentine’s Day, 1995. 

Bad Sports: Thomas Junta - “Hockey Dad”

By Esther Ludlow

This month I'll be sharing stories of outrageous crimes that occurred at sporting events or by sports figures.  

First up, a neighborhood ice rink, a pee-wee hockey pick-up game and some unsportsmanlike conduct leads to a confrontation between parents that ends with tragic results. 

Murder Memories: Paul Cox

By Esther Ludlow

A man starts having vivid memories of a violent crime he believes he may have committed during an alcoholic blackout. 

Murder Memories: Eileen Franklin - Part 2

By Esther Ludlow

I conclude the story about Eileen Franklin who claimed to have witnessed her friend, 8-year-old Susan Nason's murder in 1969. She would say her memory of the event was only recovered after 20 years. Her story would begin a debate about the validity of "recovered memories" used in criminal trials.