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Episode 184: Ghosts in the Attic: Natasha Ryan

In 1998, a 14-year-old disappeared from Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.  It would be feared she had become a victim of serial killer, Leonard Fraser, but this story would end with a shocking revelation.  Sources:  60 Minutes...

Hoaxes And Frauds

Episode 183: Bad Teacher: John J. Donovan, Sr.

A multimillionaire in a feud with his family over money and property perpetrates a bizarre hoax in order to get revenge on his children and hold on to his assets.   Resources:  Sponsors: Nutrafol -  - use promo code ONCE and get...

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Episode 180: Familiar Strangers: Anastasia Romanov, Part 2

We conclude this two-part episode with a young woman who comes forward claiming to be Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov. The investigation into her claim would take decades to solve the mystery.  Time Stamps:  05:03 - "Miss Unknown" 22:47 -...

Bizarre Crimes Hoaxes And Frauds

Episode 145: Taunting Terrors: Ruth Finley and The Poet

A woman begins receiving harassing phone calls and letters from a stalker.  It would take years to discover who the anonymous man was, but when he was finally identified a shocking secret would be revealed.  Several resources were used in...

Bizarre Crimes Hoaxes And Frauds POC

Episode 104: Fast Food Felonies: The Wendy's Chili Finger Scam

A woman finds a finger in a fast food item. An investigation is launched and a crime will be uncovered.  Audio clips: