Love Love LOVE!

I love this podcast and I adore Esther (even if she’s only a voice through my phone). She puts a lot of work & research in for these episodes and it shows. I appreciate her thoroughness, a lot of podcasts only regurgitate easily found news articles. Her background in counseling/psychology is a huge bonus as it allows her to provide added insight. About some of the neg. reviews…. you can tell she’s reading from a script, duh… 99% of podcasts are scripted. Give this podcast a listen, I think you’ll find the quality of content more than makes up for the lack of inflection in her speech.

Love the latest!

Really enjoy the deep dive conversation format so much! Feel like I’m amongst friends! Thanks for keeping me company through cancer😊

Love all true crime!

I love the show!!!!! Omg! It is just my thoughts bcuz it has not been confirmed, but I think Chris & Shanann’s unborn son Nicco was probably named after Chris’s mistress Nicole(Nicki). Just a thought!

I like the show but girl, your interviews make me cringe

Esther, you do a great job with the show; I’m a long time listener. But when you interview people, I cringe. You do the majority of the talking and your expert guests can hardly get a word in edgewise, it seems. The recent interview about Edward Kemper was one of the worst for this, sorry.


I’m so mad…I’m late listening But I was always subscribed to this podcast… I just started binging and can’t stop listening now…Awesome podcast

The Best!

OUAC was one of the first true crime podcasts I ever listened to. It’s hard to do, but I make myself not listen for a few weeks so I can binge a handful of episodes at a time, it’s the best way to listen! Esther is an OG, and simply the best!

The best

I have listened to so many true crime podcasts and this one is simply the best. So many people put their opinion into disguised as fact. All you get here is facts in a very well told episode.


Great podcast. It’s so well written and narrated. Thank you! 😊


Love the podcast, but I found the perfect interview with Harold Scheter incredibly boring. It felt like a long infomercial about his books and he speaks in mostly monotone.

My new favorite podcast

I love this podcast. The stories are interesting and the host is fun and entertaining


Great podcast. It’s so well written and narrated. Thank you! 😊

Love this and have for years

It has been a while since I have sang the praises of Esther and this podcast. This is a well researched pod that comes from a place of love and respect that is hard to find now. I love this show mostly because it never feels exploitative.

Truly a good true crime podcast

I really love the podcast. This is the best podcast for true crime. The host tells the story clearly and well. My one beef, is the ads. They come without warning in the middle of the narrative and it totally disrupts the flow. Anyway we can opt out of those?


I love your podcast! I I listen to lots of true crime podcasts and lots of hosts stay neutral. I love that you give your opinion on the cases.

I was not a fan.. at first.

I am a HUGE fan of the podcast “Generation Why” with Aaron and Justin. They were the first podcast I had ever listened to in my life and I just fell in love with them (just started this year.) I became accustomed to their style so when I tried two other podcasts (not OUAC) I just didn’t like them. It was more than just the story for me, it was how it was delivered. After deciding I would never listen to another true crime podcast outside of Gen Why, Aaron had mentioned Esther and OUAC. I decided to give her a shot because I had listened to all of Gen Why’s (I work from home so I listen to like 5-8 podcasts a day while working) and I needed more to listen to. When I first put on Esther’s podcast, I HATED IT. I absolutely hated it. Turned it off after 10 mins. I hated her delivery, I hated how she read from a script, I just hated it. After venting to my husband about it, he told me to at least listen to a whole episode before writing her off. Y’all, I am so glad I did. After listening to two entire episodes, I was hanging on her every word. You can tell how much work and research she puts into her episodes. The first two episodes I listened to, I made sure it was stories I was well versed in because I wanted to fact check her. I needed to know she knew her facts because I often share facts from the podcasts with like minded friends. Everything she said was right on the money plus, she taught me some new facts I didn’t know (which I fact checked and she was correct.) Her topics are interesting and I love when she goes off script a bit and makes a side comment. You see a little of her personality shine through. She’s funny and smart. I recommend 1000000000 times over. People comment about her “monotone” voice but I find it peaceful and not distracting. When I am working, driving, in the shower or falling asleep, I don’t want a lot of loud noises and animation. That’s just my two cents.

A wonderful storyteller!

This is a fantastic narrative podcast! Esther is a wonderful, thoughtful storyteller. The topics she covers in the form of mini-series are broad-ranging and interesting. There is something for everyone. I love the way Esther presents the stories, especially when she adds interesting extra detail, offers her take on circumstances, and my favorite is the occasional sarcastic remark. He voice is soothing and so even- like an audiobook. Simply the best!

One of my favorites.

I love this show. Esther delivers well-researched, clear and detailed stories. I enjoy her monthly themes. She delivers enough details to be interesting but nothing that irrelevant.

Good content, horrible storytelling voice

Narrator should get someone else to narrate her well written content. Her high pitched voice is not conducive to immediate word comprehension.

Too bad . . .

Re: Deathbed Confessions — Diane Crawford. Would I be wrong in assuming that you never spoke to a resident of the town in which this very interesting crime occurred? I say this because anyone who lived there would have, in a millisecond, corrected your pronunciation of that beautiful town. While it is indeed spelled “Staunton,” and the way you phonetically pronounced it a million times — everyone who knows better, and how it has been from its founding, pronounces it “Stanton.” So, your narrative of the case, to me, is a bit tainted — too bad!

One of the best

Been a listener since the beginning, and Esther consistently delivers an interesting, well researched story- and her own opinions and editorializing are never annoying or offensive (imho). Excellent podcast and an excellent host.


I’m so mad I’m late listening I was always subscribed to this podcast and just started binging and can’t stop listening now…Awesome podcast

Good Podcast!

I’ve listened to 6 or maybe 7 of these podcasts and have really enjoyed most of them. They seem to do pretty good research in my opinion. May give that 5th star if the next several are as good as the last 3. Kudos!

Favorite True Crime Podcast!

Esther, I love your show! I look forward to getting into my car so I can listen to your crime stories. So good!

My first!

I just started getting into podcasts (not murder😜) this year! This was the first podcast I fell in love with and binged! Thank you for your detailed episodes ! I love it!

Good, needs some fine tuning

I have listened to quite a few true crime podcasts such as Serial, Crime Junkie, Criminology and more. Esther’s voice is great and her sarcasm is funny. I do miss the banter of a co-host that this podcast does not have and the sounds (I am on episode 196) are a bit too long, unnecessary, and corny. Some of the editing is choppy and in one there was an entire section of a story cut off. She also does quite a few episodes about women who kill, such as betty broderick, however, the narrative she tells about these women make them sound crazy (which may be true) and one sided. Some of the comments Esther makes just sounds a bit insensitive and paints females in a bad light in my opinion. With that being said, the stories are captivating and I like her personality.

Great podcast👍

Awesome job ! Love your voice

Overall Love The Podcast

I think I like the scripted shows better. Unscripted works better when you have a partner to throw ideas/thoughts against. That is just my opinion. You have to listen and judge for yourself. But, overall, I like this podcast series very much and would recommend.

Episode 206 - The Trailside Killer - *****

Ester, you outdid yourself self on this 3 part series! Great research as usual & I really enjoyed how you gave us Part 3 more casually & with your personal thoughts. I love Once Upon a Crime true crime podcasts! She provides all the facts & her own opinion on rare occasions. Great podcasts!!! Thank you for saving my sanity during a pandemic & the election cycle 🥰

Great podcast

I’ve been listening for awhile but was prompted to review finally after listening to the Trailside Killer series. I’m a Bay Area native and remember these murders from when I was a child. Very scary, and there’s so much in the show that I never knew. Thank you so much for this, and I liked the more “casual” approach in the last episode.

Stick to the regular way you do your podcast

I like listening to your podcast. But the last trail side killer. Ugh. You talk around yourself. It is way to hard to follow. I couldn’t listen to more than 15 min. I can always listen to your normal podcast. But not this. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be mean. This is IMO

Great podcast

I can’t understand why people leave such negative “picky” reviews?! Yes, she reads the episode instead of ad-libbing, because she’s doing it solo. Plus it’s her style, and many listeners like it. Plus I’ve always found her very thorough and her episodes interesting. For those who criticize her every word, I’d say...just don’t listen. You can leave a review saying it’s not for you, but don’t be so rude!

No script shows are my favorite

I love this show! Definitely, the no script episodes are my favorites. I just love your casual discussions on the murders more than scripted!!

Love this podcast

I started listening to true crime about a year and a half ago. This was the first podcast I tried. I listened from the first episode all the way through. When I went looking for a new one to listen too along with OUAC because I was caught up and had to wait for the next episode to drop I had a hard time finding one that I liked because this one had everything I wanted. The storyline is in an understandable order, the narrator’s voice comforting, and I love the physiological insights she gives to try to explain the perpetrator’s behavior.

Great podcast

Great narrator everything is greatly explained and intriguing.

Awesome podcast

I love this podcast, but the flute playing background music in the Gordon Ramsey episode is so distracting and annoying. Please discontinue.


Really like everything about this podcast. No unnecessary chatter or personal interpretations. Great topics, good research, and knowledge of subject. Binge time for sure. Also I just finished the Diane Downs episode. I have read the book by Ann Rule as well as the book by Diane, and have seen the movie. You asked the one question that none of the others did. How did the “stranger” even know there were kids in the car! Thank you!

Infinitely better than crime junkie

Infinitely better than crime junkie. Objective, thorough and interesting reporting (no political opinions), supplemented with empathic and reasonable commentary.

Please get a new sound guy

Original stories that you don’t hear on other true crime podcasts. I don’t mind the voice, I find it soothing and matter of fact. I appreciate there is no banter or third party audio. The only issue I have with the podcast are the stupid sound effects. They’re CONSTANT and so distracting. They don’t even match with the storylines, they’re weird and chime like. Please get a new sound guy and limit the amount of random sounds while you’re talking !!!!

Nicely done

No co-host banter to muster through. No political opinions inserted in. Just true crime stories. Esther enunciates well & is easy to understand. The clear delivery is appreciated as I can follow the story easily while multi-tasking on another project at home.

I love this!!!

I love the different series with focuses on different kinds of crimes. So well written!

Good podcast!

If you don’t like unnecessary chatter and getting off topic, this podcast is for you (and me). I love that this podcast is in series episodes! I do notice the reading instead of actually talking to us, but she’s a great speaker! Happy I found this one! -Kelli in IL

Very well researched

Awesome story telling. Love this no frills true crime.

Very fair explanation!

Late to this podcast, but just listened to both chapters of the Pacific Heights Dog Mauling case. I thought the host did a tremendous job explaining all the mis-steps that led to the tragedy. There were so SO many warnings & earlier occasions that authorities could’ve been involved & the dogs’ behavior should’ve been reported. The host also didn’t villainize the entire breed, but spoke to the importance of socializing & exercising & owner responsibility. I’m massively protective of dogs being set up to fail, and the loss of this woman’s life should be a massive lesson.

A new favorite!

Loving this podcast! She doesn’t do the same old stories repeated on all the other podcasts. Great story teller without all the extra unnecessary banter.

Pretty Good

I wish there were less music interruptions. There are several per episode and they seem pointless.

Great show.

I am glad I found this show. Every episode gets better and better.

I love you Ester!

I started listening because of your Bobby Kent episode and I was instantly hooked! Usually female podcasts aren't my thing but there's something soothing about your voice that I can't get enough. Thank you for all your hard work!💗

Highly recommended

This is by far one of my favorite true crime podcasts and I’ve listened to every episode so far. Highly recommend :)

Just what I was looking for

Love the organization of the show and the “series” Esther does. It’s a well-scripted true crime podcast without small talk, and without political snark.

Good but...

I love narrative-style true crime podcasts. I enjoy this narrator’s storytelling style. No fluff -n- stuff. My only complaint is it seems some episodes weren’t listened to and edited before posted. For example, the Susan Smith episode...she cuts to audio of the parents talking at a press conference, but the audio is almost silent and it sounds scrambled. There’s no way to hear what’s going on or what anyone is saying. Also, there’s other episodes where she makes a mistake, and redoes the sentence, but doesn’t edit out the mistake. If the editing gets better, and the sound gets uploaded correctly, this will be an amazing podcast!

I love this podcast!

I love this podcast! Esther’s been killing it since day one.

The Best Podcast

I’ve listened to Ester for over 2 years. I’ve even re-listened to my favorite episodes. She is very accurate and I’ve learned aspects I didn’t know on cases that I’ve had extended research on. Give her a try, she’s amazing!


Esther is the best.

Took a chance

I am a newbie to podcasts and true crime. My daughter got me hooked with the Golden State Killer case and I haven’t stop. This is by far one of the best I have heard. I started with the Kitty Genovese installment because I grew up hearing about it and I am a native NYer. Esther is amazing and held my interest. I can’t wait for the next walk to work so I can get another episode under my belt!

Well-researched, interesting, and reliable podcast

This is one of my favorite podcasts and has been for a while. Esther is well-researched, eloquent, pleasant, and unbiased in her presentation of cases. Give it a listen and recommend it to others this giving season.

Addicted to this show!!

This has quickly become my favorite podcast. Esther’s voice is like listening to an old friend. Love, love, love this podcast and am always looking for excuses to drive around and listen as I no longer have a long commute!! Can’t wait for the next series!!!!

A first-rate podcast!

I enjoy the serious and intelligent discussion of crimes and issues, with occasional humor to leaven the seriousness. I enjoy the different personalities of the hosts and their interaction. I look forward to the episodes each week.

Love it!

Great and interesting series! Author has a lovely voice as well lol.


The amount of research is amazing! I love when podcasts are mostly unbiased and altogether make sense

Best podcast

This is by far the best true crime podcast. Esther has exactly the right balance and presentation.

Nice work, Esther

I love this podcast yet I can understand why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Personally, I like the storytelling, sticking to the facts and cutting out some of the gore. I don’t enjoy when she has a guest (even her sis, sorry ladies!), since I like straight storytelling. Honestly I don’t need all the opinions and side jokes. One criticism I have is please stop saying “unquote”. You’re not undoing the quote... It’s “end quote” as it’s obvi the end of the quote. However, I understand that’s not an Esther thing, that’s pretty common in America. Keep up the great work, Esther!!!


This is a great podcast for anyone interested in true crime stories. I listen nearly everyday!!!

Once Upon a Crime review

This is my new favorite podcast. I always love the subject of true crime but the way Esther brings it to you is just so excellent. And she has an easy voice to listen to as well. But I especially love the way she portrays each story so thoroughly and objectively. This is one of the best podcast I’ve ever listen to. I am now caught up and I am kind of bummed out because I wanna just keep listening nonstop. Great job Esther


I just recently discovered Once. I am addicted. I was trying to find something to listen to while I went for my morning walks. I just started trying to take better care of myself and be happier. I tried listening to music and it just was making it boring. I didn’t want to give up on walking. I downloaded an episode of Once and my walks are the thing I wake up for in the morning. It’s only been a few weeks but I have made my walks even longer so I can fit a full episode in. She tells the story beautifully and I am constantly intrigued. There isn’t banter back and forth with another person so it doesn’t loose sight of the actual story being told. I don’t even mind the occasional advertisement. I really enjoy this podcast and will be a faithful listener.

5 stars!

Just started listening after hearing about it on A Date With Dateline. Looking forward for this new podcast to fill up my hours in quarantine!

Wonderful TC podcast

I ALWAYS come back to this podcast. I can never stay away too long. Ester is amazing 😻 ... and like everyone else I love when she collaborates with her sister. Thank you Esther for all these amazing and well put together episodes. I am a grad student in counseling psych right now and I love hearing your (educated) analysis of the individuals involved with the cases. To all the true crime fans, I can’t recommend this podcast enough! ❤️

Good but....

I’m not a huge fan of her voice but I do think the research and work put into this podcast is top notch.

Favorite True Crime podcast

Esther is my favorite. I love the series style that she does. Every case seems well researched with lots of detail and back story. She tells the stories in a matter of fact and story like way. Always easy to follow the case being told.

One of my favorites!

I have listened to many true crime podcasts. Some are just so boring. This is such a great one and she keeps you wanting to listen. I started this one this year and I am almost done with the whole thing. Definitely a 5 star podcast!!

Great show!

Great podcast. I have been listening for a few years now and I love how I’m formative Esther is! Also idk why everyone was mad about her guest on the Anastasia episode but I really enjoyed it! It was nice to hear Esther be more relaxed and joke some! Keep up the good work 👍🏼


This has become my favorite true crime podcast. Well researched and in depth. Big fan!

Great crime show

I love the stories and how they are presented. Esther is a wonderful story teller and I like listening to her.

Thoroughly Enjoy

I really enjoy Esther’s show. I think she digs really deep into the cases and does great research. I love how she ties the ends together and talks about the sentencing. She makes it a point to not cover big cases and finds interesting cases most of the listeners haven’t heard. I’ve seen some reviews that criticize her jokes but I think she’s funny. The podcast definitely has its own feel and doesn’t sound like everything else out there. You’re doing great, Esther!

Really Great!

It’s great to find a podcast without cussing. I can relax and enjoy it on Saturday night and go to church guilt free on Sunday morning. I very much enjoy the way she tells all the facts in the stories.

Please no more surprise guests

This is usually a fantastic podcast, but this 2nd Romanov episode is so disappointing - it’s a semi-giggly conversational-type episode (with terrible sound quality, not normal for this show)...exactly what I come to this podcast to *not* hear. Bummer.


I have been following real life crimes the majority of my life and have heard these stories, but these podcasts give background and info I have never heard!!!! Thank you for a great Podcast!


Brilliant work, Esther. Hanging on every word!

I love her quips!

I found this podcast a few weeks ago and have been binge listening. I love Ester’s voice and I love her snide quips interjected often. Most of the time these quips are exactly what I’m thinking.


Sorry it took me so long to write a review, I’ve been listening for years! I like allll kinds of true crime podcasts, but when I’m looking for one that presents good information in a clear and undistracted way, this is my go-to! Love Esther’s style ☺️

Potential to be better

The earlier episodes have good research, but as the episodes creep into 2019, the host tries to be edgy by cussing and trying to sound cool with cliches. It doesn’t sound authentic and comes off a little desperate to sit with “the cool kids”. What the host may not realize is that they’re cool without the extra “extra”- the research and editing is perfect without the “mall speak” and cursing.

So good!

She’s an amazing host! Love it

I love it

I love the podcasts it just helps idk

New to podcasts

I’ve only recently started listening to podcasts. My library is full of true crime podcasts, and Once Upon A Crime is my favorite! Thanks to Esther for making my COVID-19 lockdown summer a little more enjoyable!

Love this podcast!

I love true crime and most particularly those that have a definitive ending. This is the perfect podcast for me! I really enjoy Esther’s presentation, she has a great voice and I especially appreciate that she does not partake in a lot of small talk. It’s down to business and I really like that. It’s difficult for me (impossible, actually) to listen to a podcast with multiple hosts making small talk with each other. Five stars from me! Thank you Esther!

New listener!

Just started listening to Once Upon a Crime and I’m hooked! I heard about it from True Crime Guys.

Once Upon a Crome

I just found this podcast this summer! I love it so much I’ve stated right from season 1! Ester presents each topic with mastery and is a wonderful story/fact teller! I can’t stop listening! I would give 10 stars if I could!

Long time listener-a few comments

I have enjoyed almost every episode of this well scripted and researched show. What has been bothering me are the esthetics of the show. There are about 4 sound effects/transition sounds that are used in every show. I would really like to see these improved sound quality wise AND more variety to the sounds. Personally I especially dislike the tinny old time piano effect used. As a classical musician I am especially sensitive to sound but I am close to be not being able to listen anymore...but I am drawn back by the presentation of the stories. Any hope for sound variety?

This is one of the best!!!

This is one of the best True crime podcasts I’ve listened to. Easter really does her research and presents it in a very relatable manner. Her presentation is superb. I really enjoy the stories and learn the details the mainstream media doesn’t report on. I highly recommend it!

Very good

Love the information and commentary- Esther is great

Love the format

I personally don’t love overly chatty true crime podcasters or ones that make jokes or comedy out of crime. Esther is enjoyable to listen to while weaving great research and storytelling. She gives enough pertinent detail to draw you in, but stays on topic.

Thank you for the pod!

I started listening to this pod cast to learn about the Cecil Hotel, was pleasantly surprised to learn there were 3 parts to it. Since then I have binged more episodes. I love true crime and mystery. Esther Ludlow is an awesome researcher and storyteller. Her voice is very calming which is great for my quarantine anxiety. I usually listen with a hot cup of tea while I tend to my succulents. Great for background ambience when you’re working on projects like sketching or crocheting. Thank you for your dedication to podding and concise ability to do research and to tell and relay the story in a prolific way. -Prince

A quality podcast

Clear and concise, pleasant voice to listen to and NO off-topic ramblings irrelevant to the subject at hand.

Awesome Podcaster!!!!

I have just finished listen to all your podcast!! You do great and in-depth podcast. I listen for about 5 hours a day at work. It helps make it through the day !!!! Keep up the great work. Now I on to “Taco about True Crime “ Thanks Anna Bates

True crime podcasts keep me sane during pandemic

I love Once Upon a Crime true crime podcasts! She provides all the facts & her own opinion on rare occasions. Great podcasts!!! Thank you for saving my sanity during a pandemic & the election cycle 🥰

Well-told, unique stories full of detail!

I’m a true crime fanatic and am subscribed to nearly every major true crime podcast, never missing an episode and this is one of my favorites. Esther is a great storyteller who covers cases I haven’t heard before and includes a ton of interesting information.

One of the Best Out There

I've been listening for over two years, and heard many other true crime podcasts. Esther's is probably the most consistent, most sincere, and best researched. I rely on it most for my true crime fix. She strikes a good balance between friendly/interesting and factual. Also representing as a WOC in a pretty white dominated genre. Love your work Esther!! Big fan ❤️❤️

Great Podcast!

I just discovered this Podcast! I’m starting from the first episodes and working my way through! Great job! Love it!

Not Sissy Spacek!

In Tilll Death Do Is Part, you mentioned the movie Urban Cowboy. John Travolta was in the movie, but Debra Winger played his girlfriend/wife, whose nickname was Sissy.

Great Podasts

Hi. On today’s episode you mentioned Durban Cowboy. In error you stated Sissy Spacek costarred with John Travolta. Actually Debra Winger was the costar.

Been listening forever

Great podcasts. Well researched. Nice person too. One of my top three.

Well researched, unpretentious

I appreciate this podcast for its sincerity and unbiased presentation of cases. Many of the cases discussed are ones that I have never heard of before listening. The host is on point, and articulate. If you want a no-nonsense true crime podcast that does not bombard you with f-bombs or off-topic personal rants, you may like this one.

Love the show

Great podcast. I’m donating on patreon so I can get more!

Great research and storytelling!

Love that I haven’t heard of all of these cases and can’t wait to work my way through the back Eps!


Love this podcast and the fan page is so much fun

Would love it every day!

I love this podcast!!


Love the stories, but please modify the language to “has a disability” instead of using the “r word”

A wonderful storyteller!

This is a fantastic narrative podcast! Esther is a wonderful, thoughtful storyteller. The top shelf she covers in the form of mini-series are broad-ranging and interesting. There is something for everyone. I love the way Esther presents the stories, especially when she adds interesting extra detail, offers her take on circumstances, and my favorite is the occasional sarcastic remark. He voice is soothing and so even- like an audiobook. Simply the best!

Great pod!

Finally had a chance to listen to the Aileen Wournos deep dive from January. That was amazing!! I’ve heard that story many times but never with that much detail. This was already one of my favorite pods but now I like it even more.

A good listen

This podcast is a good podcast its more of a audio book type of podcast there one host and it’s just her talking about the topic there’s no banter or chemistry with a second host so it’s not what I look for in a podcast but very well researched and executed good topics it’s worth a listen

Great podcast

Few episodes in and I’m addicted. Quickly becoming one of my favorites

Research and quality

I don’t like podcasts that get “chit chatty”. I just want an amazing voice with well researched facts woven in to a story type monologue. Esther hits all those! Excellent podcast.

Tell Jack Luna

Idk why but I can’t access Crime Machine- the podcast you recommened 😩

So well researched...

Once Upon A Crime is my favorite podcast, true crime-related or otherwise. Host Esther Ludlow is a great storyteller, she does her research, and the focus is on the narrative, not comedy (but when she does throw in a one-liner, it's gold). People have noted that it sounds like she's reading a script, and that's true. But I much prefer her level of preparation to someone who just wings it but doesn't get their facts right.

One of my favorites

I really enjoy this podcast. The stories are engaging and thorough without being too dense to enjoy. The narrator has a pleasant voice and a warm and casual demeanor. This has quickly become a favorite!

Thorough assessments

This podcast provides a thorough assessment of both familiar and unfamiliar criminal acts. The host shares the information in a very calm manner but has a subtle way of adding in her assumptions via attitudes, style, and alternative theories. Without being in-your-face, the subtleties are well worth the listen.

Once upon a Crime, Takeout, and Wine

Talk about a perfect way to wind down after a long day. I have always loved true crime and learning about social deviance but her background in psychology and ability to not only talk about the crime, but breakdown the story of their life leading up to it, really paints the full picture for me. Love this. I've been binge listening to it and will be back each week!

What took me so long to review this excellent podcast??

I have been listening for ages and recommend it all the time to friends. Finally reviewing it here. Such an accessible, straightforward telling of the craziest stories. Esther never focuses on the gore of even the grisliest crimes, but instead reveals interesting facts and details in a way that never feels ghoulish. Love how the oddest stuff is punctuated with a “Really??” or sometimes a “yeah right.” (Often my thought at that exact same moment.) My go-to podcast for when I feel like hanging out with a cool friend. Easy 5 stars.

A bit dry but...

This podcast is a bit dry and clinical but I like it much better than the podcasts where hosts chat it up, laugh & swear and laugh some more, droning on instead of getting down to it!...This is definitely a 4.5

I Love OUAC!

Esther was probably one of the first true crime shows I listened to! I love her show because she gets straight to the point. I love her seasons because we always know what kind of case to expect (and she doesnt cover too many cases that are high profile). But she is always surprising us! Keep it up! I look up to you so much! -Margot

Love it!!!

Perfectly done! I just discovered this podcast and joined to support ! I’m on episode #36. It’s the only podcast I have dove full into and never want it to end 💕

Great content

One of the few true crime podcasts of this style that I enjoy. Usually I find the podcasts where multiple people discuss a case to be the most engaging, but I really enjoy Once Upon a Crime. Excellent research and she often covers cases that I’ve never heard of. (I have a long work commute and spend the hours listening to true crime podcasts and audiobooks so I’ve heard a LOT of cases. lol)

I love Esther!

When I found this Podcast I couldn’t binge the episodes fast enough. I started listening at work and that escalated to me listening all the time in my car! I love how she makes the stories her own and actually does her homework! Thanks for an awesome listening experience!

I love Esther

I’m so overdue in providing a review, I truly appreciate the amount of research & thought that goes into all of the OUAC podcasts. Esthers background as a social worker adds to the podcast in its own way. My second favorite podcast is Let’s Taco Bout True Crime.

Love Once Upon a Crime!

I only started listening last year but I’m already hooked. It’s one of my favorite podcasts! You can really tell that Esther puts a lot of time and effort into each episode. I look forward to new episodes!

Love it!

Esther is great. Her voice is so clear and she always provides great details. 5 stars!

Host talks too fast!

This is a great podcast. Love the stories, but I think the host speaks so quickly that I have a hard time following. I tried slowing down the speed but it just sounded weird. I’ve never had this issue with another podcast.

Lots of original material

A really nice mix of stories you haven’t heard about before. Clear and well researched.

Huge fan!

I love how she tells the story, which is always well researched! It’s my go-to podcast when I want to hear what happened without a lot of side tracking chatter.

Holy murders.

I’m recently getting into True Crime and I must say, I get it. I get the intriguing nature of being interested. Esthers voice is also beautiful and methodically clear and cuts straight to the point without missing key evidence in each case described. Without a doubt, I’m invested and bingeing HARD


Great job, Esther! Long time listener, just switching to this platform. I appreciate your original content!

Thank you!

I know it’s rough out there. So many keyboard warriors want to drag down content creators for no reason but the satisfaction of being a jerk. So I want to let all the podcasts I listen to know that I love and appreciate everything you create for me (for free!) and please keep up the good work! I don’t know what my life would be like without having interesting facts, reports, and stories to listen to on my commute and at my boring desk job. Thank you!

A thorough & well done storytelling job!

Finally a podcast that covers issues thoroughly, instead of just rehashing what every other short podcast spews out. Very well done!

Love, Love, Love

I love your podcast. It’s one of my favorite. The new music is very cool. I enjoyed when it first started. I like your scripted show, but love it when you go off script and just talk about the case. Please keep up the good work!!

Best crime podcast

This is my #1 favorite true crime podcast. Esther is an amazing storyteller and really does her research. Keep up the great work!

Excellent Show!

This show is so good that Crime Junkie resorted to plagiarizing one of its episodes word for word - and you can’t get much better than that! Definitely check out the rock musician episodes, particularly the Cobain one. Excellent research and production from a host who cares about integrity.

Love this podcast and the host!

Enjoy listening to the this podcast

Great Storytelling Podcast

This is one of my go-to podcasts when I’m in the mood to be told a story. Esther has a pretty good style. Sometimes she gets a little silly, but she mostly keeps a pretty somber tone when talking about the crimes. I’ve heard of several interesting cases here that I’d never heard of before. My major complaint would be that I really can’t stand the interview format episodes, or when there is a guest. I skip those episodes completely.

Love this podcast

Absolutely love this podcast. Wish I found it sooner! You can tell how much research goes into the show and the production is outstanding. I rarely write reviews but had to for this podcast, it’s an underdog but can easily hold its own with some of the more popular true crime podcasts out there.

Among my favorites.

This is an enjoyable true crime podcast and the host is very good. It's moved up recently into my top five favorites. The episode with Jack Luna is great. I am a fan of Jack's old stuff and miss his old style. It was good to hear him again. Keep on doing what you're doing Esther!

Well Done!!

Excellent job in the Jon Benet interview. Hearing you participate in this style of podcast was very impressive. Hope you’ll consider doing more. Well done, Esther!!!!! An absolute 5 star job.

Best Crime Podcast

Love love this podcast. I love Esther’s way of telling the story and engaging you every moment of the story. The details that she finds and the way she explains them is both informative and entertaining. I just started listening to this podcast in Late November and have already caught up. Sitting at a desk all day this podcast helps me pass the days at work. I have listened to other crime podcasts but I think this one is the best.

Can’t Stop Listening

I already listened to the other true crime podcasts I love (crime junkie, MFM) and I was looking for a new one. I am so glad I stumbled upon this one because it’s so good. Esther is an amazing narrator and she includes just the right amount of details. I am surprised this podcast isn’t more popular. Give it a listen!

Love your voice!

Love your voice and your content. I still cannot believe that Crime Junkies stole your entire episode and others! And I still don’t understand how it has been acceptable and they are so high on the list. I get so bored by the “wait what?!” Every episode. Anyways. Thanks for still producing and creating your content. I appreciate it!


I highly recommend this podcast. It’s very well researched and informative. The host is great. Love it!

My Addiction!

I am very picky about podcasts. I tend to steer away from a lot of them. But, I adore Once Upon A Crime. It has a format that appeals to me, and Esther doesn’t have to many episodes where she brings guests on. I’m not super fond of podcasts with more than one person talking. But! The way she talks and presents the stories are amazing. And I love when she breaks for a moment to say something like “are you serious?” Or something else. I originally Started to listen because of the Candace Newmaker story. I’ve heard a lot about it and I believe the Wikipedia entry directed me here. I listened to that episode and just had to listen to more.


This is the first podcast I ever listened to. I love this podcast. You are a great writer so hearing that someone stole your words made me so angry. I don’t feel that Crime Junkie podcast did anything to fix stealing from you and others. I don’t understand how they have so many positive reviews especially after doing that. They have over 100,000 reviews and most of them are positive. I unsubscribed a long time ago. They shouldn’t continue to be rewarded for their lies. Also, They should have apologized to you. It was never resolved, as you said In your latest episode. Thank you for your honest content. 🤍🖤

Love Esther!

I listen to so many true crime many of them but love only a few. Once Upon a Crime is definitely one of the best, and I’ve even stopped listening and unsubscribed to Once upon a Crime.


I just found this podcast and am starting from the beginning. I love the speakers voice asking with all of the detail she gives for each story. If you love true crime this is a must listen!


This podcast is an amazing true crime podcast, the reviews speak for themselves. Well researched, well edited and the host is wonderful!

Episode 155. Mention Jack Luna and I’m there!!

Great interview! The JRamsey case has been dissected so many times. But I can listen to Jack Luna discuss anything. Can’t wait to hear his episode. I’m glad it led me to Once Upon A Crime!

Love it.

Can’t get enough of this podcast

Great story telling

Straight story telling without the fluff and dramatizations. Interesting presentations of true crimes.

Very well done

I’m a new listener and I’m very impressed with this podcast. The narrator does a fantastic job and I look forward to listening to more in the future. The only negative is that the sound is way too low

A+ for Esther a OUAC

Esther is a fantastic researcher and peppers these tragic stories with drops of sarcasm and personal story bits. And her voice is purrfect! Obsessed with all things true crime and this pod is the best.

A great listen

I enjoy listening to every episode (#155 is great) of this podcast. It’s well researched & professionally produced. My interest in true crime started after l began listening to Esther’s podcast.

Episode 154

What an amazing collaboration! Two of my favorites in True Crime podcasts and you ladies did not disappoint!!

Great show but

Specifically about the bob marley podcast from October 14,2019 . We could have gone without the patrois reading . A lot of it you could just read without the exact quote . I hated hearing it and it almost offensive

Love love love!

Thanks for the stories! I love your little “your welcome”s and aside opinions. Always saying what I’m thinking. Keep it up please!!

You da best

I’m a true crime podcast binger. I love it love it love it. Your podcast is well put together and your voice is easy to listen to. Thanks for what you do and don’t ever stop!

Love it!

Her voice is great. She’s almost always straight to the point but when she’s not it’s only because she’s stating a silly one-liner that is usually exactly what I was thinking. I love this podcast. So glad I found it.


The true crime podcasts I listen to are all pretty funny (this one isn’t) and of writing this review I’ve only listened to one episode (Episode 6: The Day The Music Died Part 1: Marvin Gaye), and she just dove right in! Gave every detail and was straightforward with the presentation. I loved every second of it!

Making true crime beautiful

Esther is tells stories from every angle and point of view without letting the content drag. Hearing the early lives of predators and killers, listeners learn of the very human beginnings before life takes a dark turn. Some background also gives listeners the opportunity to see what the outcome of broken homes, abuse and neglect can lead to if help isn’t available. The victims stories are told lovingly and are highlighted as the unique people they were/are above the tragedies that ended or altered their lives. That is something that is constantly looked over in true crime story telling. This podcast is compelling, thought provoking and addicting!

True crime at it’s best!

I’ve been listening for months now and I am all caught up on back issues. This is my favorite go to podcast every day. Easy to hear, I drive a loud truck so I have issues hearing all podcasts but this one is clear and loud enough that I don’t miss out on the story. Looking forward to more episodes

Back to Basics

Basic, straightforward recounting of events and facts. No overselling or opining, just the facts. Well done!

Very enjoyable podcast

Definitely worth listening to all of them

Intriguing and professional

I tried listening to several crime podcasts but this has the best format and production value. The host’s voice is perfect for longer listening.

Loved the show about Bob Marley!!

So many things I never knew about Bob Marley! I have a deeper respect for him now, thank you...😊🙏


Awesome show and I love that series of episodes are themed! Such a great idea! Thank you for creating such awesome content!


The cases, the research and the narrative are excellent. The narrative is one of the most important things for me, as it keeps me engaged. I love your show!!



We’re basically detectives

Love this pod cast and the stories she covers. You can see (or hear should i say) the growth from the 1st episode to the most recent. Keep up the great work!


I’m fairly new to the whole podcast world, but a friend of mine talked me into giving it a try. After my first listen to your show I was hooked! I love how informative you are and the way you present! I’m also a follower of let’s taco bout true crime!! Please keep up the good work! I love listening to your shows on my morning commute!

Well done

Just listened to the first 3 and I’m hooked. I like that this show cuts out all the BS and gives you a straight story. No chit chat. No waste of time. Just gets right to it. Great show

Love it

Great show!

Binge worthy

I love the way the stories are grouped into themes. They are really well told and there are so many episodes for me to binge.

Interesting content however...

The narration is filled with so many grammatical and contextual errors that I find myself losing track of the story as I mentally make the corrections.

Great content, but...

I love the content of almost every episode, even though I may be familiar with the crime. The ‘but’ comes in with the reading. I’m being read to and there has to be a better way to present these amazing stories without sounding like someone is ready a script.

love listening to u

This podcast is absolutely amazing! Everything about it is perfect... obsessed ♥️ Still loving it!!!

Toats the Best!

Esther !! I love your podcast muchísimo! I appreciate all your hard work and dedication! You and the podcast are entertaining and insightful. I am a dedicated fan and will tune in every chance I get! Whenever I get a chance I Like to Tacobout ( see what I did there!?!) you, the podcast, and how much I heart it! Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!

Greaat podcast!

Thank you Esther for such an enjoyable podcast! Well written, great research and super presentation!

Love Love Love

What I love about this podcast is Esther. It’s her voice. It’s like a bedtime story. But with murder. She’s awesome.

My favorite!

Absolutely, hands down, my favorite podcast. Esther does such a wonderful job. From research to writing to editing to delivery! Top notch! 👍❤️

Good Podcast

Very well researched and presented. No annoying unnecessary banter which is refreshing. The transition music is a bit annoying though. I enjoy listening to this podcast especially the more low profile cases.

Love it!

Esther’s hard work and love for what she does comes through every episode. Much appreciated

What a good listening time!

Love this show everything is interesting and I love every show! You rock!!

Highly recommended

I listen to many true crime podcasts & am glad to have just discovered this one. Great podcast.

Thanks for the hard work Esther!

I really enjoy this podcast and the themed topics. ❤️

Esther is fantastic

Oddly, I find this podcast calming and listen while working. One thing that makes Esther special is that she pays respect to her stories and the victims by not peppering the podcast with meaningless banter. It’s just great storytelling. She sifts through the details to find the story buried within. She hits on several different topics and I like that she includes many historic cases. As far as True Crime storytelling, Esther is a real pro.

She’s one of the best!

Although I love the comedy of MFM, Esther is the real deal in terms of putting in her time to really understand each case and to give listeners content warnings when warranted. For someone who’s into true crime for the love of good detective work and is fascinated by forensic science techniques, but who doesn’t want the all the gory details, Esther does it just right! I wish I could have her level of dedication for my own podcast—she’s also an inspiration!

Great podcast

You have the perfect voice and wit for a podcast. Love listening.

A great podcast!

Great content and storytelling!


This podcast is amazing! Love all the series!!

Love it!

I listen to this daily on my work commute—I love how it’s told in a story-format!

Terrance Cottrell, Jr

You called him Terrrance Hemphill Jr. I know it was a honest mistake, but to call him by his murderers last name and leave it in the episode is upsetting. Please make an edit if you are able to. Thank you.

Great detail and topics!

Love the content and attention to detail. A lot of topics not on other true crime podcasts! It would be much more engaging though if not every word was read. It’s very monotone. I’ll finish an episode and then I will notice that I didn’t even listen because I lost interest. More guests please! Discussions are much better! Or try to paraphrase and tell the story not word for word read it!

Ester Rocks!

Love how Ester tells the stories, and the history behind the true crime. She makes me laugh and her voice is soothing. Can’t wait for each new episode!

Really enjoy how real this is in presentation

Enjoy format and stories but mostly love how real Ester is when doing this. More like a conversation story versus just reading a story. Reactions and personal comments come over as authentic versus scripted for impact. Came to this late and have been binge listening now to catch up letting others get behind this is just that good.