Fantastic podcast and please be the first to

Great podcast I am binging it today! But I do have a couple of requests, cases that I haven’t seen a single podcast on and really deserve the attention a podcast gives to a specific case. The first one is Couty Alexander and Christa Baker. They were married in early March 2008 four months later Christa is pregnant and is shot to death. There is so much about this case that begs to be explored! Both families of the bride and groom were very very religious the couple was not allowed to touch. Their first kiss ever was at their wedding. Christa is the only daughter of a Baptist minister, yet she wears a borrowed dress for her wedding??? Couty wants to be a youth pastor, and he is an EMT… yet he kills LIVE TURTLES FOR TARGET PRACTICE?!? Red flag anyone?The only thing I have seen about this is an episode of the television show, happily never after and a very short chapter in an audiobook called “till death do us part”. Please consider looking into this case! The other case involves a British gentleman named Michael Telling, and a lady from California named Monika Zumsteg. They meet and fall in love and get married -he is fabulously wealthy and it is a true Cinderella story except that just a year after they are married Moonika disappears and is found months later WITH OUT HER HEAD…There is a book about this case that is absolutely fabulous, it is called “irresistible impulse” by Robert Lindsay and details everything that happened. The hardest part is the way the court system in England worked and what happened to a very wealthy man who committed a terrible murder.And the way an innocent murder victim was scandalized her reputation in ruins. Both of these would make fabulous podcasts and as far as I know you would be the first ones to have them…June is coming up again and I hope you are planning to do another until death do us part series! That last one was just amazing!


I just discovered the show and I cannot get enough of it!

Favorite Podcast

Seriously my favorite podcast! The way she covers the stories is very detailed, I love how she chooses a theme and continues it for a few episodes. This has me looking forward to the next episode every week. Also she is from where I’m from! The Bay Area (San Jose), I love hearing stories about where I was born and raised. It also allows me to know where some of the stories take place. Highly recommend this podcast!

Use proper grammar

The stories are very interesting but the host’s mispronunciation of words and grammatical mistakes drive me crazy. Podcasters should know how to speak properly, but too many don’t. It’s so sad.


I love the style and story telling elements of this podcast. It is my absolute favorite true crime podcast and I suggest it to all of my friends! Every week I’m waiting for the next episode; I’m about to cave and purchase the Patreon subscription just for more. Download today! :)

Great show!

Very informative show. Sometimes she does go into too much detail & gets a bit long, but overall it’s a good show. Has a nice voice too. What I really don’t like is how she gives the exact address of the serial killers or whomever she is talking about or where things happened. Who cares? I’m sure if the houses were sold, I’m sure new owners don’t like tourists bothering them if they know the exact address. I don’t think we need to know that. Just my opinion. Otherwise this is a much better show in that she doesn’t laugh or make fun of the seriousness of the crime. I hate shows that do that! Thankfully she doesn’t. Just do discovered those show, so I’m a few years behind. Great show.

Love Love LOVE!

I love this podcast and I adore Esther (even if she’s only a voice through my phone). She puts a lot of work & research in for these episodes and it shows. I appreciate her thoroughness, a lot of podcasts only regurgitate easily found news articles. Her background in counseling/psychology is a huge bonus as it allows her to provide added insight. About some of the neg. reviews…. you can tell she’s reading from a script, duh… 99% of podcasts are scripted. Give this podcast a listen, I think you’ll find the quality of content more than makes up for the lack of inflection in her speech.

Love the latest!

Really enjoy the deep dive conversation format so much! Feel like I’m amongst friends! Thanks for keeping me company through cancer😊

Love all true crime!

I love the show!!!!! Omg! It is just my thoughts bcuz it has not been confirmed, but I think Chris & Shanann’s unborn son Nicco was probably named after Chris’s mistress Nicole(Nicki). Just a thought!

I like the show but girl, your interviews make me cringe

Esther, you do a great job with the show; I’m a long time listener. But when you interview people, I cringe. You do the majority of the talking and your expert guests can hardly get a word in edgewise, it seems. The recent interview about Edward Kemper was one of the worst for this, sorry.


I’m so mad…I’m late listening But I was always subscribed to this podcast… I just started binging and can’t stop listening now…Awesome podcast

The Best!

OUAC was one of the first true crime podcasts I ever listened to. It’s hard to do, but I make myself not listen for a few weeks so I can binge a handful of episodes at a time, it’s the best way to listen! Esther is an OG, and simply the best!

The best

I have listened to so many true crime podcasts and this one is simply the best. So many people put their opinion into disguised as fact. All you get here is facts in a very well told episode.


Great podcast. It’s so well written and narrated. Thank you! 😊


Love the podcast, but I found the perfect interview with Harold Scheter incredibly boring. It felt like a long infomercial about his books and he speaks in mostly monotone.

My new favorite podcast

I love this podcast. The stories are interesting and the host is fun and entertaining


Great podcast. It’s so well written and narrated. Thank you! 😊

Love this and have for years

It has been a while since I have sang the praises of Esther and this podcast. This is a well researched pod that comes from a place of love and respect that is hard to find now. I love this show mostly because it never feels exploitative.

Truly a good true crime podcast

I really love the podcast. This is the best podcast for true crime. The host tells the story clearly and well. My one beef, is the ads. They come without warning in the middle of the narrative and it totally disrupts the flow. Anyway we can opt out of those?


I love your podcast! I I listen to lots of true crime podcasts and lots of hosts stay neutral. I love that you give your opinion on the cases.

I was not a fan.. at first.

I am a HUGE fan of the podcast “Generation Why” with Aaron and Justin. They were the first podcast I had ever listened to in my life and I just fell in love with them (just started this year.) I became accustomed to their style so when I tried two other podcasts (not OUAC) I just didn’t like them. It was more than just the story for me, it was how it was delivered. After deciding I would never listen to another true crime podcast outside of Gen Why, Aaron had mentioned Esther and OUAC. I decided to give her a shot because I had listened to all of Gen Why’s (I work from home so I listen to like 5-8 podcasts a day while working) and I needed more to listen to. When I first put on Esther’s podcast, I HATED IT. I absolutely hated it. Turned it off after 10 mins. I hated her delivery, I hated how she read from a script, I just hated it. After venting to my husband about it, he told me to at least listen to a whole episode before writing her off. Y’all, I am so glad I did. After listening to two entire episodes, I was hanging on her every word. You can tell how much work and research she puts into her episodes. The first two episodes I listened to, I made sure it was stories I was well versed in because I wanted to fact check her. I needed to know she knew her facts because I often share facts from the podcasts with like minded friends. Everything she said was right on the money plus, she taught me some new facts I didn’t know (which I fact checked and she was correct.) Her topics are interesting and I love when she goes off script a bit and makes a side comment. You see a little of her personality shine through. She’s funny and smart. I recommend 1000000000 times over. People comment about her “monotone” voice but I find it peaceful and not distracting. When I am working, driving, in the shower or falling asleep, I don’t want a lot of loud noises and animation. That’s just my two cents.

A wonderful storyteller!

This is a fantastic narrative podcast! Esther is a wonderful, thoughtful storyteller. The topics she covers in the form of mini-series are broad-ranging and interesting. There is something for everyone. I love the way Esther presents the stories, especially when she adds interesting extra detail, offers her take on circumstances, and my favorite is the occasional sarcastic remark. He voice is soothing and so even- like an audiobook. Simply the best!

One of my favorites.

I love this show. Esther delivers well-researched, clear and detailed stories. I enjoy her monthly themes. She delivers enough details to be interesting but nothing that irrelevant.

Good content, horrible storytelling voice

Narrator should get someone else to narrate her well written content. Her high pitched voice is not conducive to immediate word comprehension.

Too bad . . .

Re: Deathbed Confessions — Diane Crawford. Would I be wrong in assuming that you never spoke to a resident of the town in which this very interesting crime occurred? I say this because anyone who lived there would have, in a millisecond, corrected your pronunciation of that beautiful town. While it is indeed spelled “Staunton,” and the way you phonetically pronounced it a million times — everyone who knows better, and how it has been from its founding, pronounces it “Stanton.” So, your narrative of the case, to me, is a bit tainted — too bad!

One of the best

Been a listener since the beginning, and Esther consistently delivers an interesting, well researched story- and her own opinions and editorializing are never annoying or offensive (imho). Excellent podcast and an excellent host.


I’m so mad I’m late listening I was always subscribed to this podcast and just started binging and can’t stop listening now…Awesome podcast

Good Podcast!

I’ve listened to 6 or maybe 7 of these podcasts and have really enjoyed most of them. They seem to do pretty good research in my opinion. May give that 5th star if the next several are as good as the last 3. Kudos!

Favorite True Crime Podcast!

Esther, I love your show! I look forward to getting into my car so I can listen to your crime stories. So good!