Once Upon A Crime
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A true crime podcast that takes on a new topic each month and tells a new story each episode. Kidnappings, mass murders, celebrity crime, killer couples, killer kids and more are covered. The host, Esther Ludlow researches each case in depth to understand the crime, the perpetrators and the victim’s stories.

Recent Episodes

Taunting Terrors: Little Gregory and The Crow

By Esther Ludlow

In a small French village, a little boy goes missing and the family receives anonymous letters from a person taking responsibility who is dubbed "The Crow". This strange case could be considered the Jon Benet Ramsey case of France.

Taunting Terrors: Shari Faye Smith

By Esther Ludlow

A young girl goes missing in South Carolina in 1985. Soon after, her kidnapper would begin calling her family - but not to make demands for her safe return, but only to cruelly taunt them. This is the first chapter in the series "Taunting Terrors".

Cursed Hollywood: The Poltergeist Curse

By Esther Ludlow

A horror film franchise is seemingly cursed when it experiences tragedies including hauntings, serious accidents, fatal illness and murder.

Cursed Hollywood: The Little Rascals

By Esther Ludlow

From 1922 to the 1940s over 40 child actors would be cast in a popular series of short films and many of them would later fall victim to strange accidents, illnesses, drug addiction, financial hardship, murder and suicide. This is The Curse of The Little Rascals.