Once Upon A Crime
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Cursed Hollywood: The Little Rascals

By Esther Ludlow

From 1922 to the 1940s over 40 child actors would be cast in a popular series of short films and many of them would later fall victim to strange accidents, illnesses, drug addiction, financial hardship, murder and suicide. This is The Curse of The Little Rascals.

Cursed Hollywood: The Curse of Superman

By Esther Ludlow

Every manifestation of the Man of Steel - comic books, television shows and films - has been marked by bad blood, shattered careers, tragic accidents and even murder. This is the Curse of Superman.

Cursed Hollywood: Diff’rent Strokes

By Esther Ludlow

Three child actors become stars after being cast in the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes in 1978.  But, all three would go on to live troubled adult lives including drug addiction, legal troubles and untimely death. 

These are the stories of Todd Bridges, Dana Plato and Gary Coleman. 

Deadly Therapy: Susan Polk

By Esther Ludlow

Susan Polk enters into a relationship with her therapist when she is a young girl. Years later, after 20 years of marriage, she will claim she has been abused by her husband for decades. After he is found dead in their guest house the question would be, was this a case of self-defense or a cold-blooded murder?