Once Upon A Crime
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Recent Episodes

Disorder in the Court: Ellie Nesler

By Esther Ludlow

A mother takes justice into her own hands in Jamestown, California in 1993 when she discovers her son has been abused by a child molester.  Some called her a hero, others denounced her actions as vigilantism.  This is Chapter 2 of "Disorder in the Court".

In 2005, a man on trial for rape escapes custody in Atlanta's Fulton County Courthouse and goes on a violent rampage.  This is Chapter 1 of "Disorder in the Court".  

Disorder in the Court: The Atlanta Courthouse Killer

By Esther Ludlow

Bad Sports: Ten Cent Beer Night

By Esther Ludlow

A summer ball game descends into chaos when a promotional event goes seriously awry.  This is the last chapter in the series "Bad Sports" recounting the Cleveland Indians' "Ten Cent Beer Night" riot. 

Bad Sports: Soccer Brawl in Brazil

By Esther Ludlow

A friendly soccer game on a dusty field in Brazil turns into a horrific act of violence.