Once Upon A Crime
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Eileen Franklin - Part 2

By Esther Ludlow

I conclude the story about Eileen Franklin who claimed to have witnessed her friend, 8-year-old Susan Nason's murder in 1969. She would say her memory of the event was only recovered after 20 years. Her story would begin a debate about the validity of "recovered memories" used in criminal trials.

Eileen Franklin - Part 1

By Esther Ludlow

In this series I'll share crime stories that feature a very strange and rare phenomenon - recovered memories of murder. Is it possible to forget about a murder? Could a traumatic event, like witnessing a violent crime, cause a person to repress the memory so completely that they, in essence, “forget” they ever saw such a horrific event?

In this first chapter, Eileen Franklin recalls a 20-year-old murder.  She will claim that she witnessed the murder of her best friend, 8-year-old Susan Nason in 1969 and then repressed the memory for years.

Michael Keith Moon

By Esther Ludlow

A career criminal commits multiple murders plus an attempted murder and continues to be released on parole. This is the care of Michael Keith Moon.

Louise Peete - Part 2

By Esther Ludlow

In the conclusion of the story of Louise Peete, the convicted murderess is released from prison and, before long, goes on to commit another violent crime.