Once Upon A Crime

Once Upon a Crime is a weekly true crime podcast that tells “the story behind the story” of real life crime. Told in a storytelling style, host Esther Ludlow digs into the details of each case to bring listeners the facts and information they won’t hear anywhere else.

Recent Episodes

S8 Ep305: Talking True Crime with Erin Moriarty

Dec. 5, 2023

In this month’s episodes, I’ll wrap up 2023 by discovering what listeners, podcasters, and other true crime experts list as their “true crime obsessions” this year. This week, I’m privileged to talk to veteran true crime jo…

S8 Ep304: Psychic Detectives: The Murder of Ashley Howley

Nov. 28, 2023

A missing person’s case in Columbus, Ohio, grows cold. It seemed that what happened to 20-year-old Ashley Howley would remain a mystery until a psychic medium connected with the spirit of the missing girl. Did Ashley Howle…

S8 Ep303: Psychic Detectives: The Murder of Andre Daigle

Nov. 14, 2023

The family of a missing man turns to a psychic in a desperate attempt to locate him. Rosemarie Kerr’s psychic predictions as to the fate of Andre Daigle would prove to be so accurate that she was later called to testify at …

S8 Ep302: Episode 302: Psychic Detectives: The Murders of Holly & Jessica

Nov. 7, 2023

Two ten-year-old girls went missing in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England in 2002. After one of the most extensive searches in British criminal history, one of the girls’ parents consults a psychic in a desperate attempt to fin…

S8 Ep301: A Family Affair: Theresa Cross Knorr

Oct. 31, 2023

Theresa Cross Knor was jealous, controlling, and abusive to her partners and children. After murdering one husband and getting away with it, her children became her next targets. She would make her children complicit in the…

S8 Ep300: Maze of Secrets

Oct. 24, 2023

..1 eerie corn maze... ...9 haunting figures... ...9 spine-tingling tales... ...Will YOU find your way out? This holiday season, step into a labyrinth of shadows and suspense with Shane Waters as your guide. In this chilling…

About the Hosts

Lorena GarciaProfile Photo

Lorena Garcia

Administrative, Research and Production Assistant

Once Upon A Crime's right hand, Lorena Garcia can be found behind the scenes. From a young age, Lorena found interest in films and literature based on true crime events. As she matured so did her passion for true crime. Aside from assisting with OUAC, Lorena is a skincare enthusiast, world traveler, and cat mom.
She says being a part of the Once Upon A Crime team is the ultimate dream job.

Esther LudlowProfile Photo

Esther Ludlow

Producer and Host

Esther Ludlow has been interested in true crime since she was a teen and has been podcasting since 2012. She launched her true crime podcast, Once Upon a Crime in June of 2016. In only 8 months, the podcast had over 1 million listens and the audience continues to grow. Her love for storytelling combined with her interest in true crime and her background in psychology creates a unique and compelling podcast.

Esther writes, produces and edits the podcast as a solo venture. Once Upon a Crime presents true crime stories chapter by chapter. Each episode stands alone and cases are grouped by topic. Esther has covered the kidnapping cases of Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard, celebrity stalkers Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley, and historical cases including Kitty Genovese, Mary Bell and Charles Starkweather.