July 11, 2023

S8 Ep289: Love Triangles: The Case of the Killer Clown

S8 Ep289:  Love Triangles: The Case of the Killer Clown

In this episode, two people in committed relationships become infatuated with one another.  When one of their spouses is murdered, investigators quickly zero in on the star-crossed lovers.  However, investigators will find it challenging to prove who killed Marlene Warren due to the baffling description of the attacker. 

A Clown At The Door | A Court TV Special

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Killer clown: Key players in the murder trial of Marlene Warren (palmbeachpost.com)

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Killer Clown suspect Sheila Keen-Warren pleads guilty (WPTV West Palm Beach)

Son of Killer Clown victim ‘relieved’ following Sheila Keen Warren’s plea deal (WPTV West Palm Beach)

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