S1 Ep45: A Woman Scorned: Murder by Mercedes

A woman finds out her husband of 10 years is having an affair and takes matters into her own hands - in a particularly gruesome way.

S1 Ep44: A Woman Scorned: Jodi Arias - Part 2

Part 2 tells about the investigation, interrogation, arrest and trial of Jodi Arias for the murder of Travis Alexander. This is Chapter 3 of "A Woman Scorned"

S1 Ep43: A Woman Scorned: Jodi Arias - Part 1

A young woman who felt spurned by her on-again-off again lover and realizaing she couldn’t have him for herself, decides to take deadly revenge. This case became one of the most sensationalized trials on record. Chapter 2 of ...

S1 Ep42: A Woman Scorned: Betty Broderick

In 1989, Betty Broderick guns down her ex-husband and his new wife. Did her cheating husband cause her to snap or did she commit cold-blood, premeditated murder? This is Chapter 1 of our new series "A Woman Scorned". Patreon:...

Child Victims

S1 Ep41: Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: Charles Rothenberg

A divorced dad takes revenge out on his ex-wife by attempting to murder his own son. Show links:

S1 Ep40: Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: Susan Smith

A woman reports her car stolen with her 2 young sons inside. After a 9 day search, the unthinkable would be discovered.

S1 Ep39: Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: John List

An entire family is found murdered in their home in 1971. The patriarch, John List, murdered his wife, mother and children and then disappeared.

S1 Ep38: Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: Diane Downs

Three children are shot on a lonely road one night in 1983. Was it the work of a violent stranger or was it even more horrifying? Could their own mother be to blame? #truecrimepodcast #truecrime #dianedowns

S1 Ep37: Murder Methods - Mass Murder: Female Mass Murderers

In this episode I detail a rare phenomenon - female mass murderers. You'll hear three cases of women who killed several people in a single incident in the U.S., Germany and Kuwait. Resources: Dept. of Homeland Security - How ...

S1 Ep36: Murder Methods - Mass Murder: The San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre

The worst case of mass murder in the U.S. at the time occurred on July 18, 1984. The shooter entered a crowded McDonald's restaurant in San Ysidro, California and killed 21 men, women and children before the siege was over #m...

S1 Ep35: Murder Methods - Mass Murder: Richard Speck and The Crime of the Century

Eight student nurses are found dead one morning in 1966. There was only one survivor. This is the case of mass murderer Richard Speck. Book: The Crime of the Century: Richard Speck and the Murders that Shocked a Nation - Denn...

S1 Ep34: Murder Methods - Mass Murder: Howard Unruh and the Walk of Death

A WWII vet goes on a killing rampage in Camden, New Jersey in 1949. #massmurderers #spreekillers w...

S1 Ep33: Sweetheart Killers: The Lonely Hearts Killers

A couple deceive, rob and, ultimately, kill women who place ads in "Lonely Hearts" columns in the 1940s.

S1 Ep32: Sweetheart Killers: Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate

Two teens go on a killing spree in America's heartland in 1958. Music: Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen #Spreekillers #Americanmurderers #teenagekillers #coupleswhokill

S1 Ep31: Sweetheart Killers: Alton Coleman and Debra Brown

A couple begin a reign of terror across several states in the Midwest United States in the summer of 1984. The FBI would be called in to find and apprehend the serial killers.

S1 Ep30: Sweetheart Killers: Amy Fisher - The Long Island Lolita

A young girl infatuated with an older, married man sets out to eliminate her rival - his wife of 15 years. But, the story is soon discovered to be more sordid than originally thought.

S1 Ep29: Artful Crimes: The Gardner Museum Heist

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts is robbed of over a half a billion dollars of rare art in 1990.

S1 Ep28: Artful Crimes: Andy Warhol and Valerie Solanas

A young aspiring writer shoots pop art icon Andy Warhol in 1968. Resources: Book: Valerie Solanas: The Defiant Life of the Woman Who Wrote SCUM (and Shot Andy Warhol) by Breanne Fahs

S1 Ep27: Artful Crimes: Caravaggio: The Bad Boy of Rome

The great artist Caravaggio lives an unparalleled life as a painter of masterpieces and as a mercurial and violent young man who became a convicted murderer before the age of 35. Resrouces: Book: Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and...

S1 Ep26: Artful Crimes: The Death of Vincent Van Gogh

The series "Artful Crimes" details cases of crimes committed by and against artists. In Chapter 1 we'll explore the death of Vincent Van Gogh - suicide or murder? Resources: Book: Van Gogh: A Life by Steven Naifeh and Gregory...

S1 Ep25: Holiday Homicides: Murder in Madison

A man leads police to a body buried in a snowbank on Christmas Day, 1977. This murder in Madison, Wisconsin, would captivate the public with a tale of sex, murder, drugs and money. Resources: Book: Winter of Frozen Dreams - b...

S1 Ep24: Holiday Homicides: The Lawson Family Murders

On Christmas Day, 1929, one of the country's worst mass murders took place in North Carolina. This is Chapter 2 of Holiday Homicides: The Lawson Family Murders. Resources: Book: The Meaning of Our Tears: The True Story of the...

S1 Ep23: Holiday Homicides: The Ashland Tragedy

In the early morning hours of Christmas Eve, 1881, a brutal attack was perpetrated on three sleeping teens in Ashland, Kentucky. Poem: The Ashland Tragedy , composed as a ballad by Peyton Buckner Byrne of Greenup County, Kent...

S1 Ep22: True Crime Game Changers: Amber Hagerman and the AMBER Alert

A 9-year-old girl is abducted in Arlington, Texas. The community and, ultimately, the country would call for changes in the way law enforcement responds to missing and abducted children You can find the video about Amber and ...