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Episode 211: Deathbed Confessions: James Washington

In this series I share cases where people on their deathbeds finally confess to terrible crimes. In his episode you’ll hear about a brutal murder that went unsolved for over a dozen years when the perpetrator confessed before meeting his maker. But,...

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Episode 209: Buried Truth: Dorothea Puente

In this final chapter of “Buried Truth” I share a story of one of the most rare categories of criminal - the female serial killer. Behind her grandmotherly exterior, Dorothea Puente was hiding some very dark secrets very close to home. This is the...

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Episode 190: Cases You Probably Haven't Heard About, But Should Have

In this episode I'll share three true crime cases you may not have heard of, but should have.  My special guest host is Laurah from The Fall Line and One Strange Thing Podcasts.  Resources:  "Murder in a Silent Place" by David Van Biema...

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Episode 114: Mistletoe and Murder: Marvallous Keene - The Christmas Murder Spree

On Christmas week 1992, a series of murders took place in Dayton, Ohio.  Some would call it a case of “thrill killing” others would point to juvenile delinquency, dysfunctional family issues or just plain bad kids.  The identified...

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Episode 109: Listener Suggestions: Craig Price - The Warwick Slasher

This month I'm picking cases from listener suggestions as a "thank you" to my audience.  First up is a case from Warwick, Rhode Island suggested by Mikala Fortin. When a series of brutal murders takes place in one neighborhood in 1989,...

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Episode 104: Fast Food Felonies: The Wendy's Chili Finger Scam

A woman finds a finger in a fast food item. An investigation is launched and a crime will be uncovered.  Audio clips:

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Episode 102: Fast Food Felonies: The Taco Bell Strangler

A series of women are found raped and strangled in their homes in Charlotte, North Carolina between 1992 and 1994.  Later it would be discovered that they could all be linked to one man - a manager at a Taco Bell restaurant in Charlotte. ...