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My name is Emerson Murray. I am a Santa Cruz County native. I was born and raised in the San Lorenzo Valley. I went to school at San Lorenzo Valley High School just as Herbert Mullin, Jim Gianera, and Dean Richardson did years earlier.

My father was friends with Jim Gianera in the late 1960's. Jim was a high school friend and victim of Herbert Mullin. My dad always had a photo of he and Jim hiking on his wall and the Santa Cruz murders of the early 1970's were openly discussed in our home all my life.

I have been gathering research material for this book for over thirty years. I started interviewing and writing in mid-2019. My book is intended to be the story of Santa Cruz and the impact these crimes had, and continue to have, on our community. I'm interested in the locals involved and their stories.

This is my second primary source history book. I also wrote a biography of the professional wrestler, Bruiser Brody, which was published by Crowbar Press.

I am also a painter.

Thank you.