May 19, 2020

S4 Ep169: Last Dance: The Pelley Murders - Part 2

S4 Ep169: Last Dance: The Pelley Murders - Part 2

This is Part 2 of "The Pelley Murders". In this episode I'll tell you about Jeff Pelley's trial, theories of the murders, and give you a strange and compelling story about who else may have been responsible for the murders of Bob Pelley and his family. 

The Prom Night Murders: The True Story of a Twenty Year Mystery by Carlton Smith, St. Martin’s Press, 2009

“A trail of broken promises, debt and death” by Peter Franceschina for The News-Press, Oct 6, 1991. 

 “Cold case unsolved: Fort Myers developer Clarence Eric Dawson shot, found buried on Estero property 30 years ago” by Michael Braun, The News-Press, Nov 23, 2018 

 "Case Study: 17-year-old murderer, 20-minute timeframe, circumstantial evidence, normal behaviour, maintains innocence...Jeff Pelley Convicted for 160 Years", on - r/serialpodcast.