Nov. 8, 2021

S6 Ep222: Listener Suggestions: Jamison Bachman

S6 Ep222: Listener Suggestions: Jamison Bachman

Jamison Bachman spent his adult years being “the roommate from hell”. He destroyed property, bullied his housemates, filed lawsuits for petty complaints, and rarely paid his rent. But, growing more desperate once his history of scamming people was revealed, he crossed the line from annoying to dangerous. 

“Worst Roommate Ever” by William Brennan for New York Magazine, Feb 19, 2018. 

“Philadelphia judge to squatter in viral roommate story: ‘You’re frightening’” by Andrew Parent, for The Philly Voice, Feb. 22, 2018. 

“Woman details terrifying ordeal of roommate from hell” by Aoibhinn McBride for The Daily Mail, Feb. 23, 2018