Aug. 22, 2023

S8 Ep293: Falling Stars: YouTube Star Christina Grimmie

S8 Ep293: Falling Stars: YouTube Star Christina Grimmie

This week, I’ll tell you about a rising singing star who began her career on YouTube before making it to Hollywood to compete on a nationally televised talent show.  Christina Grimmie had a bright future ahead of her as an entertainer in 2016 when an obsessed fan cut her career short with an unprovoked act of violence.  

The cold-blooded murder of Christina Grimmie was Orlando's most tragic and shocking crime ... for about 26 hours (
 Christina Grimmie Murdered At Concert - Selena, Ariana & More React To Orlando Shooting (DHR) - YouTube
Kevin Loibl: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |
Singer Christina Grimmie was shot to death. Now, her family supports others impacted by gun violence | The Independent


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