Jan. 30, 2018

S2 Ep76: Survivor Stories: Mary Vincent

S2 Ep76: Survivor Stories: Mary Vincent

A teenage hitchhiker is picked up by a violent rapist in Northern California in 1978. The attack upon her would horrify the public and Lawrence Singleton would serve as a terrifying warning about accepting rides from strangers. 

Music on today's episode is by St. Patrick. You can purchase the music on iTunes at this link or on the website www.captainfathands.com.

Several resources were used in the research for this episode including: 

Paul Dean, The Los Angeles Times, "Mary Vincent Speaks Out: 'He Destroyed Everything About Me'," Feb 25, 1997. 

People v. Singleton, Court of Appeals Decision, Fourth District, Div I, California, Nov 20, 1980. 

Jacqui Morice Crawford, I Survived, Mary/Brooke/Sharene (2009).