April 9, 2019

S3 Ep126: Bad Sports: Sally "Killer" McNeil

S3 Ep126: Bad Sports: Sally

Ray and Sally McNeil were a married couple who were both accomplished athletes in the sport of professional bodybuilding.  But, a combination of infidelity, abuse and anabolic steroid use would lead to a final, bloody confrontation on Valentine’s Day, 1995. 

Court Records:

McNeil v. Middleton, United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, Submitted April 8, 2003, Filed Sept 22, 2003.


Sally McNeil...This is My Story by Leigh Penman for RXMuscle.com, Nov 4, 2009

The Sally-Ray McNeil Murder by Peter McGough for MuscularDevelopment.com, Feb 12, 2015. 

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