April 21, 2020

S4 Ep165: StepMonsters: Tracey Wright

S4 Ep165: StepMonsters: Tracey Wright

A child, unwanted from birth and neglected by her birth parents, is hopeful that her new stepmother will love her like a daughter. It is not to be and her story will become a cautionary tale in the U.K. of how the child protective system spectacularly failed Lauren Wright. 

"Tragic tale of a child unwanted from the day of her birth" by Terri Judd for The Independent, Oct 2, 2001. 

"A Life of Abuse and Neglect" by Paul Kelso for The Guardian, Oct 1, 2001. 

A series of articles in BBC News - "Doctor examine girl before death", Sept 5, 2001; "Stepmother 'loved Lauren'", Sept 20, 'Mum punched Lauren' says son", Sept 25; "Lauren inquiry demanded", "A lifetime of abuse" - all Oct 1, 2001. 

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