Dec. 12, 2022

S6 Ep266: "The Watcher" with Special Guest Tim and Lance from Crawlspace Podcast

S6 Ep266:

In this special holiday episode Esther and Lorena discuss the Netflix series "The Watcher" with Tim and Lance from Crawlspace Podcast.  We compare and contrast this fictionalized version of the true mystery "The Watcher House".  In 2014, Derek and Maria Broaddus purchased a home in New Jersey.  Soon afterward they began receiving letters from an anonymous person who said they were watching the house and young family.  When the letters became threatening they questioned whether they should give up their dream home.

A link to an article about this case with photos of the house:

Esther covered this case on Halloween Tales: Volume 2 in 2017, Episode #64. Link here:

Here's a link to the Netflix series:

Esther was recently a guest on Crawlspace. Listen here:

or watch on their YouTube channel here: