Feb. 6, 2023

S7 Ep272: Deep Cover: Never Seen Again with Jake Halpern

S7 Ep272: Deep Cover: Never Seen Again with Jake Halpern

I’m pleased to have Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Jake Halpern, back with me again to discuss a new case he investigated for his podcast “Deep Cover”. Deep Cover, a Pushkin podcast, is all about people who lead double lives. In the new season, Jake follows the story of a girl who goes missing without a trace in South Carolina in 1999. Years later, the missing girl is connected to another missing person’s case on the other side of the country. There are twists and turns in this story that you won’t see coming connected to stolen identities, a female fugitive on the run from the law, and even espionage.


Join me for this fascinating discussion with Jake where we talk about his latest case, female victims and perpetrators and how they are portrayed by the media, and the ethical dilemma faced by everyone who reports or podcasts about true crime.


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