Feb. 20, 2023

S7 Ep274: Love Monsters: Daniel and Manuela Ruda, Part 2

S7 Ep274: Love Monsters: Daniel and Manuela Ruda, Part 2

In this second part of a two-part episode, in their quest to be transformed into vampires, Daniel and Manuela Ruda conclude that the only way to prove their loyalty to Satan is by performing a human sacrifice.  Their crime would be described as “a picture of cruelty and depravity” such as had never been seen before in the German town of Witten.

The subsequent trial would become a media circus with the two perpetrators proudly displaying their bizarre antics in front of the press and the public.

The Best New True Crime Stories: Partners in Crime, Edited by Mitzi Szereto, Mango Publishing, 2022.

Murder Dictionary Podcast: “Occult Murders: Daniel and Manuela Ruda”  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/occult-murders-daniel-manuela-ruda/id1169967004?i=1000389846158



Satanist couple jailed for killing – The Irish Times