March 13, 2023

S7 Ep276: The Devil’s Luck: The Moorhouse Murders Survivor

S7 Ep276: The Devil’s Luck: The Moorhouse Murders Survivor

This month I’m sharing cases of people who, against all odds, survived some of the worst killers in modern history. In this week’s story, a teenage girl is picked up by a seemingly ordinary couple and then spends two days trapped in a nightmare. She is the fifth victim of one of the rarest types of killers on record - a serial killer couple. But Kate Moir would keep her wits about her, and even though she was only seventeen, she outsmarted the evil duo, ending their killing spree.

The Best New True Crime Stories: Partners in Crime, Mitzi Szereto, Editor, Mango Publishing, 2022.

Catherine, David Birnie: The macabre, sadistic Moorhouse murders | — Australia’s leading news site

David and Catherine Birnie: Australia’s worst serial killer couple still haunt Kate Moir | — Australia’s leading news site

'How I escaped the house of horrors': Hostage of Australia’s most evil killers tells how she fled (

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