Oct. 10, 2023

S8 Ep298: A Family Affair: David and Cinnamon Brown

S8 Ep298: A Family Affair: David and Cinnamon Brown

In this month’s series “A Family Affair,” I’ll share cases in which children are manipulated into involvement in criminal offenses - even murder - at the direction of a parent. First up, lust and greed spur a man to manipulate his 14-year-old daughter into committing murder.  Later, when facing a lengthy prison sentence, loyalty to her father causes Cinnamon Brown to keep her father’s secret…at first. 


The Real Murders of Orange County: Stolen Youth, Season 3, Episode 9, July 21, 2023, Oxygen Network.

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People v. Brown, 1992, Court of Appeal, Fourth District, Division 3, California. Decided April 23, 1992,


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