First Rate

Anyone who gave this podcast one or two stars surely is simply being mean-spirited. If it's that bad why take the time? I hate to get personal but those reviewers are being unfair for reasons I can't fathom and they truly should be hit in the face with a wet squirrel. I think this is one of the top true crime podcasts. I know it's not a mediocre podcast by any thoughtful definition.


This has quickly become one of my favorite true crime podcasts! I love how Esther combines the facts of the stories with her personality and own thoughts added in from time to time. Definitely my go to straight facts podcast!

Just the right amount of insight

This show always takes the high road where many of its peers do not. Esther lays out the comprehensive details of each case in an impartial & concise way. She takes care to be sympathetic towards the victims & their families. The other important way this show distinguishes itself from the myriad true crime podcasts is Esther's psychological analyses of the suspects. I'm always impressed with her insights.

Great Show !

I've learned so much and I stay interested.

Keep it up girl!

Love listening. It's different than the other true crime podcasts I listen to. Your voice makes it unique and your style of "story telling" is relaxing!

Exceptional Work!

I have been listening to true crime podcasts for years! I put one on when I get in bed at night, put another one on when I wake up in the middle of the night and yet another before I get out of bed in the morning. I have plenty of favorites and many I won't bother to waste my time with. Having said all of that and albeit I am no authority at all, I have never written a review until now. I just finished the Marie Hilley two parter and was blown away! The extensive amount of detail, the depth of the research that these episodes must of required and the delivery of the story are exceptional. This podcaster ensured the listener understood every twist and turn by repeating herself when this criminal (Marie, Audrey, Robbi, Terry or whomever she was) introduced another level of insanity into her life and the lives of those around her! Really great work! I look forward to listening more!

Esther is a great story teller

Esther narrates the stories so well that I get entranced listening and sometimes when I finally get to the office, I have to sit in the car to continue listening. Then I have to make that decision of whether I should just sit n the car and hear the rest of the story or enjoy my ride back home listening to the conclusion. This Marie hilley podcast was oh so good...I need more like this!!!!!


Accurate Interesting Recommend to any true crime fan

Great once you get passed her.....

.....slight lisp. It can be a bit unnerving at times but her narration and attention to detail of the story keep my listening. Also, recording is a little staticky.

On my must listen list

I love the way this podcast is set up in mini series with in a series. The hostess does a great job with the information that is giving and keeping it relative and thought provoking. Very nice to listen to also.

Interesting topics

I find this podcast interesting and insightful. Lots of cases of all different genres. Keep up the great work!

Great podcast

Very interesting, well presented stories. Keep up the great work.


Stories are interesting and are delivered in a slightly differ way than others. Definitely rare Solo female host that does a really good job. The emphasis and tone with words make it more favorable than other podcasts. Thanks for the work and time btw

Good podcast!

Very detailed, thorough telling of interesting true crime stories. I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and I appreciate that this one is not overly sensationalized or graphic.

If you aren't listening... you are missing out!

Everything about this is well done... the host, the stories-- awesome!

Hard work

Just started but anyone that's puts the time in deserves a 5 star rating.

Great Podcast!

I like how the episodes are around an hour long. Easy to listen to and a good reader. Maybe need to slow down on the speed of reading a story, but besides that I'm happy to subscribe with 5 stars still. Look forward to many more true crime and gore stories!πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜―πŸ’˜

Great podcast !

Just found your podcast and loving it so far ! Keep it up!


I love how the situations are explained. I am a fan of how the host presents crimes by topics consecutively before going on to a new topic. Very through and insightful.

New Fave!

I'm a little late to the game on joining Once Upon a Crime, though I've been listening to true crime podcasts for a while now. This is rapidly becoming one of my favorites and I look forward to new episodes every week. LOVING the MSBP episode this week and Esther killed it with the two-parter on Generosa Ammon. Keep up the excellent work!

Intelligent, Thoughtful Storytelling

One of my favorite podcasts!


You keep my attention through all of your stories. Keep up the work!

A great story teller

Keep doing what you're doing.

Historical true crime at its best

Facts just the facts. The narrator does a great job giving the facts and details of the crime. But then she takes you a step farther and does a follow up of the survivors and criminals life after leaving the spotlight and that is what makes this true crime podcast different. I appreciate that the narrator never over steps into behavioral analysis beyond her training. As time goes on she does become less formal and more personal which I appreciate.


Once Upon a Crime is a masterwork of keen insights. This is the very finest of investigative reporting with the best research modern podcasting has to offer. Esther Ludlow is a rare and talented storyteller with a calm and soothing voice warmth and compassion. Chilling tales of human evil, told with such humanity. Always respectful of the pain caused by criminal behavior in society in recognition of victim's and survivors. I love listening to this podcast and it's OUTSTANDING! What a pleasure to enjoy.


No playing around, no bad language. Just great story telling! One of the Best true crime podcasts I have found.

Great True Crime Podcast

This podcast is easily in my top 5 favorites. Very professional and informative. Esther goes into details I haven't heard on other podcasts. She is the best story teller by far of any podcast that I listen to. She is also very active in the podcast's FB group. Keep up the great work!

Great True Crime Podcast

This is one of my favorite true crime podcast. Easter goes in to not just the crime but the past of murder and the victim showing not just how the crime happened buy why. Her podcast is edited vary nicely which makes it vary fun to listen to and understand how the story plays out.

Wow amazing podcast!

LOVE this one!!! I didn't have high hopes because the name seemed cheesy lol but it's actually one of the best crime podcasts I've listened to!!

Love this podcast

Research is thorough and I love her story telling!