Well-researched and told!

I love Esther! She does her research and listening to her speak is like listening to storyteller. I wait for new episodes each week!

Smart, well-researched true crime podcast

I love Esther. She researches her stories thoroughly and explains things very clearly. She is one of the best true crime podcasters who also offers intelligent, thoughtful comments and analysis.

Hope everything is okay w/ ur fam

I enjoy ur show every week!!! Hope everything is okay.

Can’t get enough

I’m addicted to the genre, and this show is fast becoming my favorite, right up there with “Case Files” and “Sword & Scale.” As with the other standout podcasts, it’s the quality of the writing that makes for compelling listening. A good tale, well-crafted beats impromptu commentary every time. I’ll be all caught up soon, and I don’t look forward to that time!

Love the themes!

Found this gem over a year ago and love it! ❤️

Very enjoyable

I Especially love the episodes you do with your sister!


All of the qualities I love in a true crime podcast!! I’m pretty sure the listeners who posted the previous two negative reviews are extremely confused & most likely meaning to review a completely different show bc their criticism isn’t even relevant to this podcast!!

Your new favorite podcast is here!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this podcast. It is well researched, and presented in an easy to understand manner, while still being one of the most intelligent shows I’ve heard. The stories, while all being true crime, are wide and varied within that subject. And the host is charming and informative. You will not be disappointed!

Confidential Chaos Podcast

Lovely podcast! a friend of mine recomended this to me and I was hooked immediately!!

So good

I’ve binged this podcast at work for weeks now. I’m one of the people who listens to a lot of true crime podcasts. I love OUAP because Esther has such a sweet voice and the episodes are amazing. You can tell how much work she puts into it. I just joined the $10 patreon tier because I want to provide all the support I can for such a good podcaster. Keep up the good work!

Do you need more

5 stars says it all

Compari ad

Love the podcast but hate the Compari ad. Heard this on other podcasts. Makes me gag every time they say “just the sweet smell of coconut milk”. So gross. Please tell them to change it


I absolutely love this podcast!! No Banter!! Stay fact, very well told, no jokes or comantary. Simply amazing!

Love your show!

Your Podcasts are amazing! You speak very well and have amazing details about these True Crime Stories. I’m addicted! Keep up the amazing work my dear.

Help! Eileen Franklin

Part 2 of Eileen Franklin episode keeps cutting off before it gets to the end. So frustrated! I love this podcast but this is the 2nd time this has happened. I get sucked in and then no conclusion. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to google it.

So enjoyable.

I love Esthers way of storytelling and I’m always excited for a new episode.

Spot on!

I love this podcast! I listen to a lot of true crime. Esther’s delivery and research is impressive and spot on!

Interesting Podcast

Have only listened to a few episodes, but they were very interesting and the host has a pleasant voice that is easy to listen too. Am looking forwarding to listening to more episodes.

Love the story telling style

One of my favorite things about this podcast is it’s like I’m reading it in the paper! Love that she doesn’t go off for an hour about her opinion of true crime cases, tells the story like it was yesterday. Response on Facebook was fast as well. Sad I’m all caught up! Hate waiting for another episode

Love it

This is our favorite podcast!It was actual our first podcast we ever listen to and got us addicted to true crime podcast.Thank you for all your time and we always look forward to your stories!Also thank you for the clean show.I have tried to listen to some others and there is just nonsense in everything that comes out of someone’s mouth being a cuss word, so thank you for keeping it mild.


I’m not sure why people have given this bad reviews. I love this show and think it’s well researched! Currently bingeing all the episodes :)

Love 💜

I’m hooked and can’t stop listening!! The facts, the stories, the simplicity. I enjoy that! The stories are so intriguing and as a newer true crime listener, I’m finding these all so fascinating 😳 The episodes are very well put together and the facts well researched.

Love it

The storytelling Is great. Good details on topics she talks about.

A MUST listen!

Ms. Ludlow delivers a first rate true crime podcast. Her penchant for in depth research takes the listener down a rabbit hole of true crime delight. Once Upon A Crime is inarguably one of the best true crime podcasts out there. Esther has a quirky style of speaking that I’ve honestly come to love. Imagine your writerly best friend telling you a story whose facts are so alarming that you absolutely have to know how it ends. She excels at telling the story in a clear and concise way that I’ve definitely come to appreciate. With over 100 episodes, Esther captivates her listeners with multiple themes. Her series True Crime Game Changers is a collection of cases that were so shocking they created new legislation to aid law enforcement and prevent mistakes from being repeated. Once Upon A Crime is one of my favorites!

Detailed, well-researched, fantastic podcast

Give it a listen, seriously. I really like how episodes are broken up into chapters within shorter more digestible series, each with a common theme. This way you know more of what to expect each week, since true crime as a genre can branch off in any number of directions—as you probably already know if you’re reading this. The series topics themselves are unique and intriguing. This attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the show and speaks volumes for how much time and effort Esther puts into the podcast as a whole. Her voice is lovely and soothing to listen to (disregard the haters, seriously)—one of the very few shows I prefer listening to both throughout the day as well as when I’m relaxing before bed. The sound quality has been excellent from the very beginning and has remained consistently so, if not gotten even better over time. Esther is both intelligent and a fantastic storyteller, often providing details from in-depth research I’ve somehow never heard on the more familiar cases (which are relatively uncommon, as she does a great job mixing those in with more obscure cases). No pointless banter to suffer through or tune out, just straightforward, thoroughly researched stories. She appropriately drops additional subtle anecdotes on occasion that speak volumes to humanize the people involved; a tricky balance to strike but she does it very well. All-around excellent podcast. I’m subscribed to over 200 total pods, but this is definitely one I still get excited about when a new episode drops. Thank you, Esther, for putting your heart (and clearly an immense amount of time and effort) into this! I’ve been a listener since the beginning and will remain one as long as you keep it going, which I can only hope is indefinite : )

Very detailed, thorough, well-done podcast!

I have to say, I’m very impressed with Esther’s level of detail and research for her podcasts. Before listening to Once Upon a Crime, I believed I knew everything about most of the publicized true crime stories. Esther has proven me wrong in a wonderful way. Her dry and quirky sense of humor, combined with her obvious passion for True Crime, keeps me listening. She has really grown on me - when I first listened I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it, but with each story covered I’ve steadily become a huge and appreciative fan. Esther somehow manages to educate me and surprise me at every turn, even on stories I was 100% sure I knew everything about. There is so much I have learned about every single tragedy covered, thanks to Ether’s hard work. Esther - YOU ROCK MY WORLD and make my Los Angeles commute something I no longer dread!! By the way, I cannot believe there are any bad reviews here. This is an EXCELLENT podcast with minimum annoying ads and a host that is as obsessed with True Crime as her listeners. Don’t believe the poor reviews- PLEASE give it a try yourself - you will be glad you did! And give it a few episodes - I wasn’t a super fan until about 3-4 episodes in. It’s SO detailed and interesting! And Esther is the best. I’m kinda obsessed with her (not in a scary way). I just signed up for a Patreon account just so I can support her - she brings me endless hours of entertainment and fascination and I don’t want it to end, ever! Thank you for all you do Esther! You have a fan for life.


Great podcast, with a fun and knowledgeable host. I generally prefer podcasts with conversation between multiple hosts but she makes you feel like you are the other participant in a conversation. Thanks for all you hard work it is greatly appreciated! :)


I absolutely love this podcast! Been a listener for a few months now and have turned several friends on to It as well! Keep up the great work!

Listen, listen, listen!

I just started listening to this podcast thanks to my sister and I love it!! I’m on season 2 already and listen to it through work, the time has never gone by so fast! 👍🏼

Wonderful storytelling and great writing

So well researched and easy to listen to. I become incredibly engrossed when listening to Esther’s retellings, I barely notice how much time has passed. No other true crime podcast I’ve listened to gives as much detail across a variety of stories as Once Upon A Crime.