Super Interesting

I love that the information is given in a matter of fact manner with scattered sarcasm 💜💜I’m hooked!


I don’t understand the negativity on her reading. I think it helps us to get all of the interesting facts and “tidbits” all in one presentation. For instance, I just listened to the Kurt Cobain episode and it was such well-researched information. I absolutely love hearing all of the hard facts. It’s refreshing as I also love My Favorite Murder but sometimes need more structure to the story and less commentary. (Not bashing MFM at all. I’m obsessed) I thank her for the work she does for our entertainment and allows a way for me to gain knowledge while I work at home since I don’t like looking at screens so get my entertainment fill from podcasts like this. ❤️

Great podcast!

I love your podcast! I just listened to the fast food episode that took place in Nashville. I was at a late movie at the theater across from the McDonald’s the night of the murders. When I came out of the theater the McDonald’s parking lot was full of police eerie!


Very detailed

Great content.

The information is good but they way the podcast is delivered from the host leaves a lot to be desired. But if you like true crime it is for sure worth listening

Love it!

Esther, I love your podcast! It’s always one of my go to true crime podcasts. I love the simple way you tell each story. They’re always interesting and easy to follow!! Keep up the good work!! 💕

Great Show

Love the effort put into this show. I also love how it covers many cases that I haven’t heard of before. Straight forward and to the point. Keep up the good work.

A well researched narrative

If you want a well researched narrative then this is a great podcast. We love her voice, sound quality is great and no banter with multiple hosts. Very good💚

One of the best true crime Podcast

I just recently was introduced to this crime podcast and I’ve been thoroughly engrossed in majority of the episodes. I especially enjoy her sense of humor. You’ve got me hooked and thanks.


I love how thoroughly Esther goes through the cases, and the way her sense of humor and disbelief comes through as she reads her script. The episodes being read doesn’t bother me at all, since how else would you remember all these wild twists and sequences of events?! This is one of my absolute favorite true crime podcasts for sure.

Love It!

I absolutely love this podcast! Why? 1) The podcasts are grouped into interesting series. 2) As a true crime enthusiast, I find that several cases I have not heard of are covered and those I am familiar with are given a new twist. 3) Her voice is clear and soothing. Most of the podcasts are just her, saving listeners from having to listen to endless banter. 4) The stories are well-researched. 5) The theme song is catchy.

Best true crime podcast!!!

I came across this podcast and have been hooked since the first episode! Highly recommend!!! Great research, soothing voice, excellent analysis. Keep up the great work!!!

Great podcast

Just recently discovered this great podcast and have been binge listening for almost 2 weeks now. Really enjoy the stories, especially that she groups the stories topically. Keep up the great work!!

Best podcast ever

Keep up the great work I listen everyday and can’t wait for more episodes to come 😀

Amazing, enthralling, spectacular

Each and every episode is well researched, well read, intriguing, and breath taking. This podcasters voice is amazing. I can’t get enough. If you listen to any podcast, listen to this one. Well done Esther.

Great research, pleasant easy to listen to voice and style.

One of the best podcasts from this genre. Highly recommend And best of all, the host is an animal lover🐈

Great show!

There are so many stories that are covered in this podcast that are new to me. The stories that I’m familiar with are interesting to listen to again because of the way that the host tells them. Great job!


Absolutely amazing. I listen religiously. Great job girl❤️❤️

Great podcast!!

This has been an excellent podcast from the very beginning. Love that the stories come in chapters and are very well researched. Thank you so much for making part of my work week bearable.


Best true crime podcast

Pure info and I like it

We referenced this podcast on our first podcast and I realized we hadn't given you a review yet! We love this show! Straight info and just the facts. This is a solid podcast!

Great host. Well researched

Very well researched show. Picks interesting stories.

True crime crack

I listen to several true crime podcasts & this is my favorite! Esther always presents a well researched & engaging case. Her voice is practically hypnotic & she really draws the listener in with her analytical but engaging presentation of the cases. I love how she focuses on a new theme every month & eagerly look forward to her weekly release most every Monday.

Great show!

I think Esther covers all bases and facts. She loves her job. I found her a couple of months ago and have listened to every episode a couple of times. Great job!!

A great personality!!

I listen to multiple podcast every day. I think this is one of the better true crime podcasts. The producer really does her homework. I’ve listened to a short portion of an interview that I believe she lets her Patreon users get and it was VERY informative. I am going to sign up today to be a Patreon supporter. I think she doesn’t outstanding job. At times it sounds like she’s just reading from a script but it’s good in-depth information.

My Fav

Well researched and presented. Something about Esther’s voice....I love hearing her tell the story.

Straight to the Story

Love this podcast. No silly chitchat just straight to the story. Relaxing voice and interesting content. Thank you ... wish more were like you

Great voice, great story

I really enjoy Esther's voice and her telling of the story. What I think might take this podcast to the level is including more human interest information. This might include what happened after the crime or as an indirect result? How did some of the people in the story react or what happened to them afterwards? That I think is some of the most interesting aspect of a story.

Love it

Super informative and interesting cases! Love this

Great Podcast!!

I never know what to expect when I start listening to a podcast, but I found I really really liked this one. Esther does a great job of story telling. Keep up the good work!!